You’re Not Lazy – Just “Guidelined”

Surely it’s just mind over matter right?

Get up off the couch, get your overweight body around the block a few times and afterwards ignore what your body is telling you about being hungry and don’t eat!
Put out more energy than you’re putting in and you’ll lose weight!
If you’re overweight it’s because you’re lazy and have no self control – you sloth!
Blah, blah, blah!
This, unfortunately, is how I used to think also. But now since following the LCHF eating over the last 4.5 months, I’ve learnt that it is our food choices that are the biggest contributor to our health – or lack of it.

The food choices that previously had us putting on weight, often feeling hungry and reducing our energy levels, pretty much fell into line with the Government Dietary Guidelines. But a slight adjustment to what we are eating – basically ignoring the guidelines and other popular dietary advice and reducing carb and sugar intake and replacing with natural fats has so far produced far better results.

Gone is the bloating, the farting, the sensitive teeth. The puffing, the tiredness and hunger pangs have also disappeared – we realise that we had been GUIDELINED!

It’s Not You – It’s Them

Coca Cola spend around $3 billion a year on advertising (more than Microsoft and Apple combined)  – how many choices are they trying to give us? And they’re not alone.  The following illustrates the major sources of food products in the U.S. with many familiar companies worldwide.

Source Food Companies

Click on the image and have a good look -I’m sure you’ll recognise many of the brands. And I’m equally sure that many of the products have complied with Guidelines for healthy eating, yet obesity is on the increase! Plenty of low fat, no added sugar products in this lot. As well as so-called “healthy”alternatives like diet soft drinks!

One of the key things we have noticed in our house is that our weight has dropped, shape has changed for the better and our general well-being improved not because we’ve increased our energy output and decreased our energy input (calories), instead we have increased our energy levels and feel better because of our eating i.e. real food prepared from scratch, low in carbohydrates, moderate protein and high in natural fats.

So, does that mean we’re not lazy anymore? Well I don’t think we ever were. Our character hasn’t changed – our food choices have!

Exercise and Diet - Noakes

Sweden is the first country in the Western World that has dismissed the low fat guidelines and introduced low-carb high-fat eating as the result of an extensive 2 year study summarised here at Dietdoctor.comThe report states: “physical activity for obese people has a, if anything, marginal effect on weight loss.”

My daughter’s energy and enthusiasm for physical activity has dramatically increased and we now find her initiating exercise and sports practice.

May to July Comparison

May to July Comparison

Although still an eternity away from Olympic qualifying time, her 1.5km cross country times continue to improve and her last effort a few days ago was 1 min 20 sec better than her effort at the same course 2 months ago! A minor miracle from where she was 4 months ago. Suddenly not lazy anymore?

The experiment continues!