Travelling for work? – here’s 5 tips to keep you on track

OK – so you just can’t stick to your eating plan because you travel so much for work that you are constantly forced into eating situations that just don’t work for a dedicated LCHF’er.

Well I know how you feel having spent much of my recent time on LCHF travelling for work – but I’ve managed to stay on top of it. And if I can do it, you can do it!

Here’s my top 5 tips to stay on track and not lose the plot completely whilst travelling:

1. Eat a Big Fat Meal Before You Leave

If you are like me you are up very early in order to get to the airport in time for your early flight. Everything is meticulously planned right down to taking your belt and shoes off at the airport security.

Don’t forget to eat. Prepare some boiled eggs the night before and have them ready to go, or make a bit extra of whatever you dine on the prior evening so you can just grab and go in the morning.

2. Pack Your Fat Nuts

If your days travelling are like mine you may not have much time for lunch or the only alternatives are takeaway shops – less than ideal. This is where your fat nuts come in handy – a little snap lock bag of almonds and macadamias will assist in taking the edge off during the day if you’re stuck. Again, pack the night before you leave and enough to carry you through the time you are away.

3. Get to Know The Chef

After checking in to your hotel the first and most important person you need to meet is the chef. Introduce yourself and engage him/her for a moment in their cuisine, their fine kitchen and your requirements – set it up as a fun challenge for them and they will remember you each time you come in and work with you to get the food you require.

4. Load Up from The Full Breakfast Bar

Ensure that any meetings/appointments the next day allow time for breakfast at your hotel. A plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms with a long black coffee with full fat thickened cream will tide you over and keep your concentration levels where they should be so as to maximise your time focussed on why you are there rather than your rumbling stomach.

5. Take Some Extra Bacon

Grab a bit of extra bacon from the breakfast bar and wrap in a serviette to take with you for the day ahead. This, together with your nuts should tide you over until your evening meal even if this is a late one due to a plane trip home.

WELL, there they are. Hard to believe after how I used to eat when I travelled that now I can travel away from my home routine and still lose weight and feel energised to maximise the time I spend away.