Sad Story … Obedient 9y.o. Boy Misled by Dietician and Food Pyramid

Below is a reply and my response from my post “My Little Girl, My Little Champion – A Fat  Story”.

I thought it important enough to warrant it’s own post.

I wondered how many more children were out there doing their best to follow bad advice –  then to get told that they have no willpower or are just plain lazy when their weight spirals out of control resulting in a sick child.

Who takes responsibility for this?

I found it to be quite sad.

The Below is from Ellen

 “Well done Eve !!!! What an awesome Dad you have too.

I have an obese 9 year old Grandson. His dietitian told his mother that he would lose weight if his breakfast of bacon and egg was substituted with Weet Bix. She was happy that ate a salad every single day but advised his mother to increase his fruit and bread intake. The dietitian said Milo was good and so was yoghurt (even sweetened yoghurt) because of the nutrition they contained. She said that he was having more protein than he needed, so needed to decrease his protein and fat and increase his grains and fruit. The poor kid desperately wanted to lose weight so tried his best to do everything his dietitian told him.
Now six months later he’s put on a great deal of weight.”


“Thanks Ellen

This a sad story, but not an unusual one.
I can advise from our personal experience what works and what doesn’t work, and from everything I’ve read (I am not a scientist by the way but I read from scientists). You must encourage them to ditch the dietician! Now!
Unfortunately many dieticians are caught up in the low -fat and grains dogma that is threatening the world’s health. I believe that he food pyramid is just plain wrong!
Please share Eve’s story with them – she is still going strong down another .6kg on High Fat, moderate protein and low carb (less than 50g a day).
Not only is she losing weight but she is happier and more enthusiastic than ever.

Important things to do:

  • Ditch the dietician! Now!
  • Watch
  • New book with great reviews “The Big Fat Surprise” coming to Australia and NZ soon (I’m assuming you are in that region)
  • In your Google Browser look up LCHF (low carb high fat) and you will find plenty of resources
  • Show his mother Eve’s progress – she is not alone – read other comments on this page.

Good luck – if I can help let me know at