It's not about the weight... it's about the wait!

So Nine Weeks in to my Low Carb High Fat Odyssey -and what’s been learnt? Well, a few things, like: Don’t get put off by constipation in the early stages People look at you a bit differently when they realise…

Blood Test Results

  Below is my baseline blood tests conducted after 1 week of LCHF. For 6 weeks leading up to this however I had removed most carbs from my diet – but not “the big one”” – BEER!! My doctor did…

OK – so you just can’t stick to your eating plan because you travel so much for work that you are constantly forced into eating situations that just don’t work for a dedicated LCHF’er. Well I know how you feel…

Fat Profiles - how's it looking?

Mmmm.. not sure. Not pretty!

The Pub Clinic

Fantastic Concept, well promoted and professionally conducted The Pub Clinic was an outstanding success and a credit to my friend and doctor Rav Sadhai.

My interest lays in a low carb high fat lifestyle, so the plan is to adopt this and learn as we go.