Our Family and LCHF – 20 Casual Observations of Health and Well Being


Some general observations and anecdotes after nearly 6 months of our family eating a Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet.

Cauliflower Pizza
Glorious Cauliflower Pizza

What’s happened ? Anything? Are we healthier or are all the benefits just wishful thinking and propaganda from the low carb “cult”?

Below is a list of 20 things that have changed or improved since March 2014 when we took this on:

  1. Dad has lost weight – 9 kgs in fact and still falling
  2. Dad has lost 14cm off his waist – (photos to come soon)
  3. Wife has lost weight – around 3-4 kg
  4. Wife has lost 9cm off waist
  5. Dad’s 3 month blood tests were improved with far better Triglyceride reading – documented in another post on this blog
  6. Eldest Daughter (10.y.o.) has lost 10kg
  7. Eldest Daughter has lost 18.5cm off her waist
  8. Dad’s degenerated knee no longer crunches when pushing up from the floor
  9. Dad able to walk more freely and enjoy it
  10. Dad’s stomach cramping has disappeared
  11. Dad’s gall stone pain has almost disappeared
  12. Dad’s mid-afternoon tiredness – gone and replaced with alertness
  13. Dad more focused at work – not thinking about food cause I’m not hungry
  14. We get much milder feelings of hunger – if indeed at all
  15. The children now analyse food labels for sugar and carbs – if we ever buy a packet
  16. Dad’s teeth are no longer sensitive
  17. Eldest Daughter far more energetic
  18. Eldest Daughter improved 1.5km X-Country running time by over 1.5 min during the period
  19. The boys continue to thrive in all areas – physically and at school
  20. Childrens Days Sick from school  (3 children total April to August)- 2013 x 20 days, 2014 x 8 days

My wife says my body odor is vastly improved (she would always complain about my previous raw animal scent!) and we have all had comments on our better skin condition.


After months of aches and pains in her joints, my wife attended a specialist who, after a process of elimination, diagnosed her with a condition know as fibromyalgia.

This has now settled and is a lot more manageable after removing the medication and focusing on the nutrition.

This will be a topic of a future blog – stay tuned!

So, you can decide for yourself – we feel much better, look much better and are generally more energetic. LCHF seems to be working well to me. Looking forward to my next blood tests in a couple of weeks!