My Little Girl, My Little Champion – A Fat Story

Well, I’ve lead her for the last 14 weeks along a path that many traditional health professionals and dietetics experts would describe as crazy. The path of LCHF!

A path that requires her to say no to treats at school when everyone else is munching on chocolates.

A path requiring her to plan her week out so she knows when she can have her free day.

To substitute sugar and carbs in her recipes and substitute with less popular products like almond meal and berries.

My 10 year old daughter, Eve, has shown great discipline and maturity, as well as an enormous amount of trust in her father to lose 10kg over the last 14 weeks as well as taking 15 cm off her waistline.

To see her on the netball court tonight in her semi final was like watching a different girl to the one that used to be hanging around the food table at parties and craving sweets and savouries at every spare moment.

Mindful of the issues that can arise at the suggestion of body image and looks, my wife and I have focused on the health benefits and the benefits for her sporting involvement and energy levels. And she has responded amazingly well.

As a result of her healthy appearance (her skin just glows now) many others are starting to notice. And when I tell them it’s from eating fat, well, they want to know more – and some have even taken up LCHF themselves.

My next challenge – live up to the faith she has put in me!

Eve 06JApril14

Eve 06April14

Eve 16Jun14

Eve 16Jun14