Low Carb High Fat Recipes

Low Carb High Fat Recipes

Low Carb High Fat Recipes for the Busy Family on a Budget

Presenting our FREE Healthy Family Low Carb High Fat Mon-Fri Recipes and Meal Plan eBook

I know why you’re here – you’re continuing your search for a healthier way to eat and live for yourself and your family.

You’re skeptical of the Government Guidelines and food pyramids and are wondering why they are not working for us, right? This is very commendable and is exactly where I was at the start of the year.

Luckily I came across a great movie Cereal Killers Movie, which made many things much clearer for me. It introduced a great man in Prof. Tim Noakes who discussed the health and weightloss benefits of eating fat and reducing carbohydrate intake.

This all made so much sense to me – I wanted a healthier me and a healthier family and felt that eating better was the place to start.

This is where Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) has helped. Eating real food, free of sugar and processed junk must be better for us right! It’s working for my family and I and we have seen so many benefits that I just love sharing on my blog so that other families and individuals can enjoy the same benefits.

Well our family has got together to select some of their favourite family meals and compiled them into a new eBook as a FREE gift to you. (Just click the side page eBOOK LINK).

Screenshot 2014-11-14 02.32.07It tells a little of our journey and is packed with easy to make, tasty, Low Carb High Fat family meals for the busy family on a budget.

So you can get your family started with out having to do all of the work, we’ve also included a shopping list, carb charts and helpful tips to catapult you into your new eating lifestyle with a minimum of fuss.

As always, please post a comment if you have any questions or feedback and enjoy the gift.