It’s not about the weight… it’s about the wait!

So Nine Weeks in to my Low Carb High Fat Odyssey -and what’s been learnt?

Well, a few things, like:

  • Don’t get put off by constipation in the early stages
  • People look at you a bit differently when they realise what you are doing
  • My daughter is very committed and doing a fantastic job
  • Snacking is a hard habit to break – but a habit that needs to be broken to get results
  • That real “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse and chase the jockey” hunger is a thing of the past
  • My wife doesn’t like used ketone stix left in the bathroom

So for all of the 50 year old men out there – it’s great. You can eat bacon and butter everyday and you never feel hungry.

Ensure that you have a few metrics in place to capture your progress, for example, in these past nine weeks I have lost 3.5kg, a small number compared to some. But, I have lost 7cm off of my waist line. Also 3 cm off my neck in the last 3 weeks.

These are all of the little measures that keep me motivated to continue on – especially as I’ve cut out the beer – so serious motivation required!

My degenerative knee is feeling so much better, and simple tasks like tying up shoe laces and picking up kids clothes (why am I doing it, right?) from the ground have become much easier.

I can take a brisk walk with my daughter and not puff – even when going up hills.

The below chart shows why I can do all of these things – and fit back into clothes I’d given up on (which my wife is probably not too happy with).

Waistline Tracking 5th May 2014

Waistline Tracking 5th May 2014

So I have learnt that the scales aren’t the only measure of success on the LCHF road to health. If you follow good practice the results on the scales will eventually come I’m sure, but I’m already seeing so many other benefits.

Be patient, cause it’s not about the weight … it’s about the wait!