How Am I Influencing My Children?

How Am I Influencing My Children?

Eve and William with the star Damon

That Sugar Film -Eve and William with the star Damon Gameau

As a Parent I often wonder “How Am I Influencing My Children?”.

Every now and again I get an insight.

Hello – it’s been a while.
With increased work demands, my site being hacked and all sorts of family activities, it’s been a little difficult to find some time to sit down and put finger to keyboard, so it’s good now to have an opportunity to share¬†my 10 year old son’s persuasive argument.

As a follower of our journey you are probably aware that our family has a fairly strict no sugar, low-carb high fat eating policy. Real food, cooked from scratch, avoiding processed foods like the plague.
This presents many challenges for my children who are faced with many, many opportunities for non-adherence to this policy – as I am sure all of you would understand – birthday parties, sports celebrations, school events etc.
Managing these moments can be difficult for us as parents but eventually they are going to have to make their own choices – and we can only hope that they make the best informed choice for their own health and well being.

So every now and then we get a little snapshot into where our children are at – whether it’s reading a food label and declaring that the food is unhealthy based on the sugar content or showing a keen interest in watching many of the films or T.V. shows popping up all over the place now such as Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush or the Award winning That Sugar Film by Damon Gameau.

So that brings me to my son William.

Luckily William is fairly lean and athletic who is happy to eat all of the foods we present to him, but he does have a keen sweet tooth and will take advantage of any opportunity to grab a handful of whatever is on offer at social occasions.

It was with interest that I sat down to read his latest school essay – a persuasive argument I will share with you now:


“NO! I believe we should not have a canteen at our Catholic school because…….

Firstly, it’s unfair to people who aren’t allowed to have things from a canteen. If people aren’t allowed they’ll keep asking their parents and they will get annoyed. Nobody likes people who are eating food that you are not allowed to eat and are eating it in your face all day.

Secondly, it’s way too unhealthy for most of the people. If they eat that food¬†everyday, they will get a little bit big which isn’t nice. That could make them have heart disease or cancer.

Thirdly, the staff at our school will waste all the money that they could spend on other things. They could waste the school’s budget on things that could ruin our lives. We won’t have money for anything else like pencils, objects and useful things for the classroom and the school. Those things could help the school which a canteen and bad food won’t. It will waste both the school’s money and time building the canteen.

It will also waste time waiting for it to be built because The Principal will keep checking it when he can do other things like important announcements and helping people in the office and around the school. The canteen will waste the schools money.

In conclusion I think we should not have a canteen at St. Bernard’s Parish Primary School because it’s not good for the people in our school.”

Although avoiding processed foods and sugars is not always popular in our family, it’s good to know that our children are thinking critically about the reasons for why we choose to eat a Low Carb High Fat way.