Health Update Since Our Fat Fast

Health Update Since Our Fat Fast

It’s been 3 months since our “Fat Fast” so I thought it was about time for a review – So here’s my Low Carb High Fat Health Update Since Our Fat Fast – complete with latest blood tests.

I’ve just finished updating my Fat Stats and the figures look pretty good.

March 2014 to Feb 4th 2015

March 2014 to Feb 4th 2015

Just under 4 months ago I was hovering around the 98.3kg (216.7lb) mark, and didn’t really make much movement for around 4 weeks, so I decided, along with my wife, to undergo a “Fat Fast”, where we lived mainly on cream cheese for what ended up being nearly 4 full days!

So, was this going to have the kick start to our metabolisms we were hoping for?

We certainly lost weight during those four days as you would expect, and yes we picked up a little afterwards (as you would also expect). Caitlyn has remained around the same point since, this article talks about an individual’s “set point“, where your body wants to settle and fight weight loss efforts. Maybe there’s something in this for my wife as she doesn’t lose a lot of weight, but doesn’t gain either .

For me however the fat fast certainly shifted me from my stuckness and got me rolling again and as of today I have lost a further 5.4kg (12lbs) since November 5th to be now at 92.9kg (204.8lb). this makes a total weight loss in 12 months of 22kg (48.5lb). Not too bad!

And what is even better, I’ve done it all by eating beautiful, fresh unprocessed foods high in fats and low in carbs. It has been easy with the whole family joining in along the way. I would strongly recommend taking the lead and getting everyone involved if you want to get the best results for your family and yourself. It is far more time effective, and creates far less disagreements if you are preparing one meal instead of two.

Our children are back to school and despite a day or so of sore throats in the house recently (and of course a high seas seizure), are yet to experience a day sick between the four of them in nearly a year. The children are now strangers to the medical centre and Eve, our eldest, well her weight remains stable and she displays a great understanding of what she can and can’t eat for her own health – and loves getting involved in the preparation of the meals. Their teeth are in great shape also (unlike mine after all my years consuming large volumes of sugary foods and soft drinks!).

Apart from my knee that needs replacing, I’ve just discovered I’ve got arthritis in the big toe and foot (no doubt a product of years of sport and working on my feet on hard floors). No wonder I’m struggling to wear a pair of shoes! Anyway, whilst investigating this I had some more blood tests and the results were great. My triglyceride (blood sugar) continue to improve and my cholesterol measures have also improved each time I have been tested over the last 11 months. No evidence of dietary fat intake having an adverse effect here –  who would have thought?!

Some people I’m sure would be elated to see such great improvement in their blood results, and I’m definitely happy, but it’s actually what I expected given what I now understand about eating Low Carb High Fat.

Blood Tests 4th Feb 15


So the experiment(now lifestyle) continues with fantastic weight loss, improved family health and now even a reduced grocery bill as we learn even more about what our bodies need and what will sustain us.

As for our “fat fast”, I would have to say it was a resounding success. It kick started my metabolism and proved to us that despite us eating well, we were still probably eating in the old way by eating at “meal times”. It has helped us to become more in tune with understanding when we’re hungry and eating then, rather than eating by the time of the day. And this is easy to do once the body becomes fat adapted and fuels itself from it’s own energy reserves (fat), rather than relying on the short term energy hits that come with a high carb diet. We now often only have 1 or 2 meals a day, no snacks and rarely feel much hunger.

Now the big news! When i was a younger man my belly button was always an “outy”, but then after years of accumulating fat around my gut it became buried in the layers and became an ‘inny’. It’s now nearly ready to poke out again. I’m looking forward to welcoming it back out!

I would have to say that all is going well with our new way of eating,

Are you giving Low Carb High Fat eating a go? Is there something that you are interested in knowing about from our journey?

I’d love you to leave a comment if there is something you think I may be able to help with or are interested in knowing.