Happy (and Healthy) Mothers Day

Wishing all of the Mothers a Happy (and Healthy) Mothers Day

Mum and I

Mum and I

To celebrate Mothers Day, I thought I would conduct an interview with a Mother who is experiencing great health benefits from her change to eating a Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle.

This is a lady I like to call Mum!

A little background on my mother – Joyce:

  • She will turn 75 on the 24th May 2015
  • She has had 10 children (yes I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers – but i’m still #1)
  • She still works full-time as a teacher
  • She has now changed to a LCHF lifestyle and is much healthier and happier

Well, there’s a whole book in those few points, so for the sake of relevance and practicality, we’ll focus the interview on her eating.

Mum- Before in October 2014 and after in March 2015

Mum- Before in October 2014 and after in March 2015

Steve: Hello mum.

Mum: Hi Stephen

Steve: Now, how long have you been my mother?

Mum: (Laughs) 74 years, oh, no,no – 51 years

Steve: OK. so how long have you been eating Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)?

Mum: Since the beginning of October 2014

Steve: Describe your eating prior to LCHF

Mum: Well I loved potatoes and pasta but didn’t really have a sweet tooth (apart from some chocolate).  I would eat frozen convenience meals.

I didn’t eat red meat but would eat chicken with the skin-off, some fish. I would eat margarine, vegetable oils; loved bread, fish and chips, pizza -oh I’m going to sound like some sort of junk food addict!

I would eat vegetables and fruit, breakfast cereals, low-fat milk and dairy, processed dressings, processed crackers. lots of processed packet foods.

Steve: Did you eat much fruit?

Mum: Yes- ate a few pieces per day. Always had a banana with my breakfast cereal each morning.

Steve: Why no read Meat?

Mum: I believe it is acidic and with a history of arthritis in the family, I was advised by a naturopath not to eat it – I still don’t.

Steve:What do you eat now?

Mum: Lots of leafy green vegetables, cauliflower, small amount of carrots and sweet potato for flavour (I try to avoid the vegetables with the highest carbs).

I now eat chicken with the skin on, fish,  full fat dairy, lots of butter, cream, eggs – omelettes, avocado. We cook with coconut oil or ghee.

Breakfast is usually full fat greek yoghurt with berries or an omelette with avocado.

I eat a lot less fruit. I drink tea or coffee with butter, coconut oil and cream, and do a lot of cooking with coconut cream.

I have the occasional dry red or white wine.

Steve: So Mum, how would you describe your health prior to LCHF?

Mum: Well, I would say I was reasonably unfit, lacked energy and was overweight.

It felt difficult to walk, I felt a heaviness in my legs and soreness in my thighs and arms.

Although I appeared active compared to some others around my age, I wasn’t really feeling very strong or fit.

I had for years suffered with a type of fibromyalgia so that I felt weak and tired in the muscles and constantly had soreness.This sometimes came with fevers and I had attended many chiropractors, massage therapists and naturopaths seeking treatment.

Steve: So why did you choose LCHF? (said like a son seeking a pat on the back)

Mum: I saw the evidence from your results and my grandaughter Eve. You both looked so much healthier.

I especially noticed how much brighter and younger you looked and noticed you had a much better disposition and were highly motivated to share your experience.

Knowing you and how hard you are to convince of anything and your reluctance to change (thanks mum!), I thought that you must have been on to something good.

I wanted to support your sister Anne to improve her health so I thought I would try what you were doing not knowing where it was going to lead. It was a bit of a leap of faith.

I’d also noticed other family members that you had spoken to and that were eating this way were doing very well on it and enjoyed the food and were extremely positive about their own change. Their experience was even more evidence to convince me to change.

Steve: So what have you experienced?

Mum: Initially I felt a little sick in the stomach for a week or so and could have been tempted not to continue. But after assurances from you that this was normal for some people, I persevered. And I’m very glad I did.

Within 2 weeks I had my first awakening – I noticed my walking felt much lighter. I had more of a bounce in my step which encouraged me that this was starting to work for me.

My weight has since dropped from 72.4 kg (160lb) to 65kg (143lb). My waist size has reduced dramatically as has my big bum!

People keep commenting on how good I’m looking and my clothes are too big for me – I need to update my wardrobe.

I’m feeling more energetic and am very aware of my lightness. shopping trips are much quicker as I only shop on the outside of the supermarket and I’m noticing how much I’m really enjoying the food.

I notice now that I am very conscious of what other people are putting into their shopping trolleys.

I rarely feel hungry and have no desire to eat carbs. I’ve been feeling really healthy and haven’t had a moment of feeling any sickness since the initial week.

I’m more positive and happier in myself especially with all of the comments I receive from others and often have people ask me what I’m doing that has helped me.

I point a lot of people to your blog and now receive feedback on their own successes and those of their family members.

I have no sluggishness at all now and approach each day with plenty of energy. I realise that eating this way is about health first with weight loss as an added bonus.

Steve: Had you previously tried dieting?

Mum: Yes, tried just eating less myself and attended weight watchers for a while but they didn’t work.

Steve: What do you now think about your previous way of eating?

Mum: Well, it’s not a good way to eat! It wasn’t helping me and was probably making me sick.

It’s as though it was forcing me to eat for the sake of eating.

My body is now telling me that eating real foods and the Low Carb High Fat way  is the better way to eat.

Steve: So do you have anything else to add?

Mum: My biggest issue I have now is to stop myself from getting up on my soapbox to spread the word to everybody else. I see people that look unhealthy and sick and feel that I want to tell them about what I’ve discovered – but I wait until I’m asked.

I can’t express enough how good I’m feeling and how I can link this to the way I’m now eating. The evidence I see from myself, you and your family and others you have influenced is enough to convince me that this is the way to eat.

A complete stranger who heard from my friend about my results began to follow your blog and your journey. She had been quite sick but approached me to say that she is now eating LCHF and has now almost completely given up her cholesterol medication and that her doctor is amazed at her results. That was quite amazing to see how far this has reached!

Steve: So the final word?

Mum: Well, I’d like to say that the the Best Mothers Day present I’ve received is my son teaching me about this eating lifestyle.


Mum’s always know what to say to help you feel better.