“Fat Fasting” Husband and Wife. What the…?

I’m going to attempt to break a weight loss plateau by trying something known as “Fat Fasting” – and my wife is too!

OK – The time has come for something new. My Fat Stats tell me that my weight loss has stalled and my wife is keen to get a kick start on losing a few kilos herself having decided to try and trim off a little for the swim-suit season ahead. So, how to go about this? Well, since I’m experimenting already, I’ve decided to try something that I’ve read about that people have tried with some success, that is a “Fat Fasting”.

People have undertaken fasting for many thousands of years and have long understood the many benefits that fasting can bring. I’m hoping we can experience many of these benefits as well as some weight loss.

Basically, we are going to  limit ourselves to no more than 1000 calories per day for 3 days but with 80-90% of our calories coming in the form of fat. (Mainly Cream Cheese with celery or cucumber and the odd bulletproof coffee for as long as we can keep it going – we both like these and that seems like the easiest option for us to keep the fat content high).

Now let me say this about eating LCHF, one of the things that makes it simple is that you don’t have to worry about counting calories like many of the fad diets. On this occassion however, for the sake of the experiment, we are counting as a one off.

The idea for weight loss is that “Fat Fasting” should deplete our systems of all of the carbohydrates and protein and our bodies should turn to fat reserves as their energy source thus inducing weight loss and reduction in fat. Some reports suggest that depleting yourself of protein for an extended period may not be advisable, but I feel that 3 days won’t be a problem.

So I’ve done my research (thanks Google) and we are ready to go.

The aim for me is to get off around 2-4kg (4- 8 lb) over the next few days to get a bit of action happening and kick the ol’ metabolism into gear for another period of weightloss.

For my wife, Caitlyn, it’s to knock a few kilos off for summer.

Anyway, for you guys, allow us to experiment for you and see what happens. I’ll report in daily so you can follow our progress:

LAST  ”Regular” Meal – Tuesday Night 6.30pm

Wed 5th Nov

7.00am weigh in

Steve – 98.3Kg (216.7lb)

Caitlyn – 76.4kg (168.4lb)

Let’s see what happens!

Our diet today consisted of the following:

150g Cream Cheese and 3 medium Celery sticks

1 x Bullet Proof Coffee with cream and coconut oil

3 cups of tea with cream

TOTAL CALORIES = 967 according to my phone app – Easy Diet Diary            85% fat


Thur 6th Nov – 36 hours in

7.00am weigh in

Steve – 97.8Kg (215.6), down 500g from Ground zero

Caitlyn – 75.8kg (167.1lb), down 600g

Today we’ve eaten pretty much the same as yesterday – I swapped a 50g (2oz) of cream cheese for a bulletproof coffee.

Caitlyn had an extra bulletproof coffee.

Found myself getting a little cranky last night- so resorted to a small glass of red!

Not really hungry, but found myself thinking about food. Helps to confirm my suspicion that a lot of our weight issues are simply a matter of us eating when we don’t really need to.

Caitlyn expressed that she had similar thoughts and when she had her small allowance of cream cheese, she was not hungry at all.

TOTAL CALORIES = Steve – 910  Caitlyn 975                   85% fat


Fri 7th Nov- 60 hours in

7.00am weigh in

Steve – 96.7kg (213.2lb) down 1.6kg (3.5lb) from Ground Zero

Caitlyn – 74.9kg (165.1lb) down 1.5kg (3.3lb)

Eating more of the same – with chilli flakes on top for variety

Interchanging betwee

I went a little crazy tonight with 2 low carb beers and a glass of red wine but sacrificed some cream cheese to compensate for the calories (but affects my fat %).

TOTAL CALORIES = Steve?                      Caitlyn 950            85% fat


Sat 8th Nov – 84 hours

7.00am weigh in

Steve – 96.0kg (213.2lb) down 2.3kg (5.1lb) from Ground Zero

Caitlyn – 74.4kg (165.1lb) down 2kg (4.4lb)


I’ve got to admit, I am really feeling fantastic. I’m not surprised that I’ve not been hungry as I’ve understood the benefits of eating healthy fats for satiety for a while now, but I feel much clearer in the head and energised.

Wow, I reckon I could get into this as a regular thing!

We’re going so well we’ve decided to extend it for another day.

The hope is that with a kick start back into ketosis, a state where the body produces ketones for energy by burning our fat reserve, then keeping our carb intake really low after the fast ( i.e. less than 25g per day) I hope we can continue our fat burning and weight loss on-going. Setting the wheels in motion again.


Saturday Night after 96 hours of fasting we concluded our fast and celebrated with a steak and kale dinner topped with a mushroom sauce washed down with a glass of wine (or 3). Surprisingly Caitlyn wasn’t too hungry and I polished off half of her steak also.


Well, we got the kick start we were seeking after having been on a weight loss plateau for a while.

Caitlyn hit her lowest weight since commencing eating this way.

It was surprisingly easy. Despite eating minimal calories the fat content of what we did eat kept us satisfied and hunger was not really an issues throughout.

We hope that now we’ve cranked up our metabolisms we will get some on-going benefit, and on Sunday Morning Caitlyn was down to 74.1kg and I was still on 96

It is clear to both of us that we generally overeat. By tuning in to portion sizes and calorie quality (dense, high fat foods) there are many benefits to be had including weight loss and reduced grocery costs.

Finally – it didn’t kill us, we feel good and we lost some weight which, by keeping our carbs low, we hope won’t come back. Time will tell and I’ll continue to give updates.

So, for anyone considering “Fat Fasting” for a kick start after a stubborn period of weight loss plateau, I hope this can give you some helpful insights.