Exercise for Weight Loss? Not Me!

Ok, I admit it! I’ve lied and I’ve cheated and I don’t Exercise for Weight Loss – and I’ve still lost weight!

I know I write about the importance of eating well (that is unprocessed foods low in sugar and carbohydrates and high in natural fats), but a few months ago I promised to increase my exercise to experiment with the impact of the increased activity on my system. Ok – so I haven’t done it.

I’ve also had my fair share of beer this year and even socially eaten some small carb loaded finger food at social events.

So what has been the impact of my lack of discipline and occasional dalliances into the murky world of junk carbs? Well, I’ve continued to lose weight and my waistline continues to reduce!

Admittedly over the last month I cut the beer again as part of a charity fundraiser “Febfast” which does seem to have helped, but I believe that my body has now become so well adapted to using stored fat reserves for energy that if I quickly create the right conditions for my body I can go straight back into weight loss despite the odd moment of weakness.

As for the exercise – I still play some cricket which gives me some level of activity, and there are always children to chase around after, a bit of gardening, but that’s about it.

After purchasing a second hand small home gym, my well intentioned gym regime was  short lived  after about 4 attempts to get up earlier and do a work out. The equipment now cuts a lonely figure in the shed awaiting some company.













So, do you need to exercise to lose weight? Well I don’t and my updated FAT STATS demonstrate this.

Just this year I’ve lost over 4 kg (9lbs) and removed another 3cm (1.2in)off the waist. Activity yes, formal exercise no! I even  bought some new clothes for work after Christmas thinking that I had reached a point where my body might settle, and now my kids are telling me that my pants are too baggy on me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t value exercise I’m just saying that for me it wasn’t required in any great amounts to bring about weight loss. I certainly feel much better about myself after some exercise, but I haven’t had to pound the pavement or slog it out in the gym to lose weight. I see plenty of people doing that but without the right nutrition their efforts are probably just going to be painfull and cost them $59 a month.

In this article from dietdoctor.com it is worth noting that Americans do more exercise than any other country and yet they have the highest rate of obesity in the world. I fully agree with Prof. Tim Noakes when he says:

Exercise and Diet - Noakes








So this week our family (less the youngest) are excited to be going to see “That Sugar Film” so I look forward to letting you know all about it in a few days.

Has anyone seen it? What did you think?

Also, exciting news, I’ll soon be appearing on a guest podcast on unconventionalweightloss.com – I’ll let you all know when I’m on!