From Effort to Ease in 6 Months with LCHF

From Effort to Ease in 6 Months with LCHF

Today is my daughter Eve’s 11th Birthday. So to celebrate I thought I would re-cap how her life has gone From Effort to Ease in 6 months with LCHF.

You only need to take a walk through your local shopping centre to see how many children are struggling with weight issues.

It’s very easy to be judgmental and think that these children are lazy and eat too much. “If they exercised more and ate less then they wouldn’t be so fat!” (exactly the behaviour that leaves you feeling hungry!)

Well I think that Eve’s story demonstrates that having more energy and vitality comes as a result of firstly eating the right food to get healthier, not from increasing your levels of exercise. The energy to exercise comes with eating what is better for your metabolism. (what, suddenly not lazy?)

Back in March when Eve and I changed our lifestyle to eating Low Carb High Fat as our preference, Eve was one of those children in the shopping centre. A generally enthusiastic young girl who liked having fun with her friends, she slowly started spending more time on the couch and less time in the yard as her metabolism struggled to deal with the high carb diet our family was eating based on current dietary guidelines.

The more she ate, the more she wanted to eat!

The more I learn about this the more I am convinced that she is probably Carb intolerant! This means her body doesn’t process carbs very well leading to insulin storing excess carbs in the body as fat. Similar to many of us I believe.

She was putting on weight and becoming more and more sedentary as a result. With a history of Type 2 Diabetes on her mother’s side, the alarm bells were starting to ring – something had to change as she was probably in the early stages of a potential life of chronic illnesses that many people encounter with the Western Diet.

At this stage everything was an effort for her. Little athletics events would often end in tears as she huffed and puffed her way red faced through a 400m run or struggled to get momentum and lift as she tried valiantly to launch herself into the long jump pit. As a result her spirit was becoming less and less willing – her flesh was already weak! (and heavy).

In March this year a change was made – and a change for the better. Eve and I adopted a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle, firstly as an experiment, but now as a better lifestyle for the whole family.

Eve April 6th to September 24th 2014

Eve April 6th to September 24th 2014

Since that time the change in both of us has been nothing short of remarkable, especially for Eve.

Her zest for life and energy levels have increased dramatically and her efforts on the sports courts/tracks cannot compare to her half-hearted, teary efforts of last year.

She is now doing everything with ease that was previously such an effort – (I actually invited her to comment but she declined leaving it to her “crazy dad”).

The most rewarding thing in watching her go through this change is the sweat beads and smiles that come from a tough netball match where she has been a high energy solid contributor, rather than the looks of distress that would accompany any physical activity 11 kilograms ago.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing and to be honest, drives us a little crazy sometimes as a topic for never ending conversation, debate and negotiation with the children over what they can or can’t eat. But I believe it is worth it and will soon be fully integrated so there is no longer a need to discuss it.

I have heard criticisms that letting children eat low carb high fat real foods is unhealthy and have heard that they “should be allowed to have a piece of bread”.(if only it could stop with one!). This may be fair enough for some.

But for Eve, I say – look at the results! (and look in your local shopping centre).

Maybe you can do it too?