Having turned 50 in December 2013, weighing in at 114.9 kg at only 179cm tall, having 4 children 10 and under, and being in need of knee replacement surgery- well the writing was on the wall!

Lose weight big time and Get Healthy!!

After various half hearted attempts with dieticians, books, fad diets which left me feeling always hungry, the penny finally dropped  after seeing cerealkillersmovie.com

So now it’s a Fat Life for Me as I use my body as an experiment to see if Father Grows Less on a Low Carb High Fat eating lifestyle.

You are invited to watch my results and determine if you want to join the Fat Life.







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  1. chris stuhldreier
    chris stuhldreier at · Reply

    Hi Steve great work so far. Pete was telling me about your progress today. I would love to hear how you have done it? I need to lose 8 to 10 kg’s and also have a dodgy knee. Regards.

  2. Sneaky
    Sneaky at · Reply

    Great work old mate.. You must have stopped buying the Power’s 30 packs.
    Im trying to lose a bit around the belly also. Alot harder to do these days

    Hope your well

  3. Nina Teicholz
    Nina Teicholz at · Reply

    Hi Steve,

    I’m collecting ideas to help my own son (11) lose weight. He is very addicted to sugar, even though I have (of course) been encouraging him as much as possible with healthy, low-carb foods. Sweet, snack foods are very enticing, and it’s been hard for me to figure out how to compete with that! I’m looking for any ideas and help, from your experience and anyone else whom you’ve found.

    Thank you!


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