6 Months LCHF - Re-Discovering My Ribs

6 Months LCHF – Re-Discovering My Ribs

9th March 2014
9th March 2014 – 110.4kg, 112 cm Waist
3 Months Later
3 Months Later – 104.3kg, 100 cm Waist
6 months later
6 months later – 100.9kg, 97 cm Waist









 My RIBS Have Re-Appeared After All These Years!

6 months after commencing focusing my eating on Low Carb High Fat I’m happy to report that all is going well.

I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the conflicting science speak I encounter via all of the social media networks and the many different blogs and articles that one is likely to encounter when you head down this track.

But, what I can report is that I’ve re-discovered my ribs. I always suspected that they were under my outer layers of fat somewhere but I really couldn’t be sure as I hadn’t experienced  them for many years.

I recently noticed this unusual corrugation on the side of my body near my chest!

Naturally fit and toned as a young man, I , like many of the same gender, thought that I was 10 foot tall and bullet proof. In eating terms that means I thought that it was my natural way to be fit and lean and I could eat what I wanted without any consequences.

Well, you know what they say, pride comes before a fall! And by the time I realised I had fallen, there was a long climb back, and following the Government eating guidelines meant it was all down hill until the last 6 months on LCHF.

This arrogance also manifested itself into my right knee which currently needs replacing. As a young sportsman I damaged the anterior cruciate ligament and required a total knee reconstruction at 17 years of age. After continuing to participate in competitive sports for many years after this, and probably not caring for my knee as I should (beer was standard treatment after the game) it has all caught up with me.

Now from what I’ve read, a knee replacement is not the sort of thing you want once in your life let alone twice, so with a life expectancy of an artificial knee of 15 – 20 years, I’m not in a rush to get this thing done whilst I can still get around without pain otherwise I may well be up for two replacements before I go! The answer, lose weight to take the pressure off.

LCHF – The Easy Way to ‘Diet’

So, judging by the first photo above, I had good reason to self diagnose that something was not quite right with my diet! I’ve since learned that the fat guts, bloating, shortness of breath etc. is probably a good sign that I was carbohydrate intolerant – my body was telling me enough is enough.

The thing that initially drew me to LCHF was the food – eat all of the stuff I like but get rid of the carbs, sugar and processed foods. How easy is that!

Steak with the fat on smothered in butter and pan juices, chicken with the skin on, bacon, eggs, berries and cream – heaven! I was happy to sacrifice potatoes, rice, pasta and tasteless skim dairy (chemical) products to live on these foods.


But this was not all about me, as I set out to set the example for my 10 year old daughter who was well overweight for a girl her age. She has been extremely diligent and disciplined over these six months and is reaping the benefits with significant weight loss, 10+ kg and 20cm off here waist.

The constant information flow about the health issues associated with sugar and processed foods from what I was learning, and the inconvenience of cooking 2 different meals a night led to the whole family eating this way after a few weeks into the project and we haven’t looked back. Although the kids still love to get their hands (and mouths) on a sugary treat, they are fully informed and can save themselves for a “special day”every now and then (birthday parties are killers – maybe literally?!).

They are thriving on this food and understand that sugar (apart from the odd piece of fruit) is for only very special occasions.


So with my new found bones by my side I’m going to up the ante over the next 6 months and do some exercise.

The weight loss I’ve experienced has come about purely through a change in the type of food I’ve been eating with minimal exercise apart from the odd walk.

The plan for the next 6 months is to include around 3 sessions a week of some high intensity short bursts of exercise like some weights and push ups (maybe some hill sprints if the knee will let me).

For the rest of the family – life as usual, which means no sugar, processed foods and minimal carbs – except at those damned birthday parties!

Still work to be done!!


EVE AND STEVE – Lighter and Healthier after 6 months

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20 kg lost between the 2 of us and 35 cm off our waists.
20 kg lost between the two of us and 35 cm off our waists.