3 Months Down The Track – doing it easy!

So 3 months have passed since the journey began and what has happened.

Well I can tell you that you that the sky is now greyer and weather is cooler – and I’m looking forward to all the hearty fat meals of Winter – minus the starch of course.

The last 3 months have been an emotional roller coaster as weight fluctuated and doubt crept in from time to time, but now it has passed I would have to say that this is the easiest, tastiest way to lose weight and get healthy that I have encountered.

To think that I’ve spent all of these years thinking that maybe there was something wrong with my willpower or self control when I ate the fat on my steak, or the rind on my bacon.

That I had to endure the horrible taste of low fat cheese based on a dietician’s advice or live without the taste of butter or full fat thickened cream for months on end!

How could I have been so cruel to myself?! Low fat milk for God’s sake!

Anyway, enough of the past, it’s onwards and upwards.

Ok, 3 months has seen a considerable change. 12 cm off the waist line and 6kg off the scales.

My clothes are a bit too loose, but I’m not prepared to purchase anything new just yet until I see where I settle.

I’ m expecting that at some point in the future my body, now fully fat adapted, will arrive at it’s natural place; and thereabouts I shall remain, happily eating fat for the rest of my life.

As this is still a bit of an experiment, I test myself every now and then (maybe every 1 or 2 weeks) to exceed my previous record push ups.

My last effort was 72, up from 70 previously. I go to fail and have been able to increase each time having started 3 months ago on 27 push ups. Apart from 1 or 2 30 minute walks a week, this is the extent of my exercise.

So, I believe that despite not having lost as much weight as some, my body is transforming, replacing flabby, Gooey fat bits with leaner muscle mass.

I’m less tired and not distracted by hunger at all at work, making me far more focused and productive – and tolerant.

As for my replacement needing knee (right one- see difference in photo) it’s been great. I’ve been walking with little swelling and kicking the football with my boys. There seems to be less crunching and the weight loss has allowed more flexibility for basic things like putting on my socks.

I’ll continue to monitor and report as I continue the journey.

What are your experiences?

Know any 50+ guys in the same boat who would benefit from this?

Let me know.


9th March 2014

9th March 2014

Front View 16Jun14

Front View 16Jun14